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Class XIII Curriculum

"Leadership and Communications"

 Seminar III


November 29, 2006
Scribe: Galynn Beer

We first heard from Steve Collier with the OKC Chamber.

  • He discussed the impact of Ag on OKC, beginning with the impact of the OKC Stockyards.

  • Ted Graham asked about ag business that OKC was trying to attract. Recently attracted the American Quarter Horse Youth World Championship Show (formerly in Fort Worth)

Next we heard from Don Armes

  • He taught ag @ Lawton H.S. for 9 years

  • He also has done broadcasting, doing the ag news for KLAW

  • He said one of the most important issues coming in the future is WATER

  • He helped to re-instate the $50,000 funding for OALP from the legislature

Next we heard from Ray Wulf from Oklahoma Farmers Union

  • 2005 was 100 years of Farmers Union in Oklahoma

  • Farmers Union supports renewable fuels. He points out that renewable fuels are to create markets for crops—not cheap fuels

  • He says 2007 farm bill will be green (a lot of conservation)

Next we heard from Roy Lindsey of the Pork Council

  • He talked about Ag groups working together on common interests

  • He said animal rights groups will have a big influence on upcoming farm bill

  • He stressed how Rural American is losing representation to Urban America.

  • Pork industry supports alternative fuels

  • He pointed out that animal rights people don’t represent their true agenda to people who donate to them.

Next we heard from Steve Kouplen of Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

  • Farm Bureau is the largest Farm Org. in the state

  • Women provide active, important role in Farm Bureau

  • Farm Bureau works to provide leadership opportunities and develop leaders

  • Farm Bureau supports free trade

  • Farm bureau would like to see current Farm Bill extended for 1 year

Next was Scott Dewald of Oklahoma Cattlemans Assoc.

  • Ag issues are the same world-wide

  • Part of being a leader is being informed

  • Manage issues prior to them becoming issues

  • Pre-planning is important

  • Policy can be: Reactionary or Anticipatory

  • In 10 years there will be a large animal vet shortage in Oklahoma

  • Talked about balance in 4 areas of life: Church, Vocation, Community, Family

  • People get involved in issues for 2 reasons: what they can put into it and what they can take out

  • He stressed the importance of focusing on what you can put into an issue

  • He also stressed that water will be a huge issue in the future

Q & A

  • The risk of wild hogs on animal health

Mark Hodges/Oklahoma Wheat commission

  • Quality based marketing

  • Purchasers: 1990 mainly governments; 2000 mainly millers

  • NAFTA has been beneficial for wheat growers

  • Price=expected price & expected demand

  • Millers and bakers are concerned about wheat quality: primarily protein


Rodd Moesel/ Specialty Crops

  • Pockets of specialty crops growing

  • No government support

  • Profit by niche marketing

  • Cherokee Co. is 2nd largest in U.S. in horticulture crops

  • Landscaping is a continually growing market

Ron Hayes

  • discussed telling ag story thru media

  • started the Oklahoma Agrinet in 1977

  • Talked about how to talk to the media

Jim Stafford/Daily Oklahoman

  • Was a long time sports writer

  • Discussed ag stories ranging from wheat farmers to mung beans

Brian Painter/Daily Oklahoman

  • Did article on Matt & Kelly Mueller (OALP visited their farm @ seminar II)

  • Talked about importance of developing relationships in reporting news

Mike Dicks/Ag Economics

  • Quite interesting

  • Talked about maturing U.S. economy

  • Talked about slow down in GDP growth

  • Talked about the budget deficit

  • Talked about world-wide subsidies

  • Talked about flattening yields

  • Discussed critical financial evaluation tools that farmers should pay attention to

  • Based on history, drought could shift to corn belt.


  • Great information from the 1st day of Seminar III